Why No One Talks About Anymore

Why No One Talks About Anymore

The Following Reasons Could be Responsible for Your Stagnation Towards your Vocation

Are you struggling to find your vocation; that thing you had always wanted to do from when you were a kid growing up? Maybe you do not know what happened somewhere along the way and you found yourself doing a job just so you can foot your basic needs. But when your inner kid lives on and you still want to pursue that which you have always wanted, what could be holding you back? Be advised that a vocation goes beyond working to offset basic life responsibilities and obligations. The beauty of having a vocation is that you can still make some income out of it as you do that which you truly love. Here are some of the reasons that could justify your being in the same stagnant position despite your inner calling.

Chances are you haven’t had enough experience in life to find your vocation no matter how successful you are in your dream job currently. No doubt life is the best teacher and having enough life experience could be reason enough to make you know how to get your high school transcript and pursue your dream. Life experience matures your personality and gives you a whole new perspective of life.

You are probably not living your vocation because you have no mentor to guide you through the process. A mentor is someone who has been there, done that and has enough life experience that you can bank on to kick-start your vocation. You may think you have a certain calling to a vocation, but based on your skills, a mentor may think different. A mentor can also help share ideas which you can work on with time towards your calling to a vocation. No matter how much you read on a website, the critical role that a mentor plays in shaping you can never be underestimated. .

It could also be you are not living a life towards your vocation because your expectations are way too high. It is true you have known how to get your high school transcript, but do you know how to leverage it and build relevant networks? The other thing you have to know that it takes many years of hard works, research and valuable networks within your area of focus. More importantly, you have to know how to create value for other people, especially those within your networks.

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