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Factors To Consider In Building A Rooftop Garden

People living in the urban areas consider rooftop gardens as additions that are not only ecofriendly but attractive. Considering putting up a rooftop garden is advisable if you are living in a place where there is no yard.

Proper preparation of your roof is the place you should begin your rooftop garden work. You need to determine the amount of load that your roof can hold. Seeking the services of a structural engineer is the best way you can arrive at the accurate assessment. It is your responsibility to see to it that you are hiring an engineer who has the relevant licenses that authorize him to operate in your area.

Knowing the building guidelines that are applicable in your region is highly advisable prior to starting your rooftop garden project. That way you will be able to know the various restrictions that apply to the building of the garden. You must obtain permission from your landlord to carry out the project if you are renting the house.

The exposure of the sun on the building you are planning to put up the rooftop garden is something you must consider. There is need to ensure that the plants you are growing receives adequate sunlight. Note the patterns of the sunlight during a duration of 1-2 weeks. This ensures that the sunlight on your roof is not obstructed by other buildings.

Wind exposure is an issue that requires your correct planning prior to beginning the work on your rooftop garden. You will find that the wind on the rooftop has greater force than the one on the ground. Strong winds can easily damage or kill your plants and you should consider using structural windbreakers to handle the challenge.

Mapping out your roof gardens design on a graph paper is essential as it will help you plan properly for the project. The locations where you will place the vegetation and furniture should be clearly indicated on the map. You can always go back to the map and make some modifications if you change your mind.

It is recommended to look for plants that are drought resistant and which can withstand heat that you plan to grow on your rooftop garden. Such plants will be ideal due to the intense winds they are subjected to. Ensure that you are watering the plants on a regular basis.

Plants that are native to your region are the ideal ones to grow in your rooftop garden. Local fauna, birds and butterflies will find such plants attractive. It is easy for the plants to adapt easily to the local environment faster than non-native vegetation. To know the plants that will do well in your area, consider obtaining the information from your local nursery.

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