The Beginner’s Guide to

The Beginner’s Guide to

Steps to Ensure your Safety when Stopped by Police Officer

The current society we all live in is all but divided. Everyday some interactions can turn into uncomfortable and tense situation just in a blink of an eye. Getting pulled over or being questioned by the police sometimes it can be hard situation to some people. The situation of being questioned or being pulled over can be nerves or uncomfortable to some people who feel they are a bit marginalized. Understanding ones right is important especially when interacting with the police. Below is what one should do when in that situation to ensure ones safety.

Staying calm is an important step one should consider when encountered by the police. The moment one shows the police any sign of aggressive or nerves the situation will turn tense. When one is anxious or nerves it shows that he or she is hiding something from the police. Keeping your voice steady and maintaining eye contact with the police will avoid any tense moment.

Knowing ones right is another step in making sure you are safe when interacting with the police. One can refuse answering any question asked by the police under the right to remain silent. One can exercise this right when he or she feels not being comfortable with officers questions. Also one can refuse personal search or even his or her car without a search warrant and even the right to leave the situation calmly if you are not under arrest.

To ensure that one is safe when stopped by the police is to avoid resisting. Refuse being searched one can resist but to ensure your safety when it comes to being arrested one should not resist. Resisting arrest can only harm your case and make it a bit difficult but it will give the police a reason to act aggressively towards you even though he or she wasnt ready. To avoid provoking the police one should ensure that under no circumstance should he or she resist arrest.

One should avoid making any movement when pulled over by the police, movement will make the police think he or she is in danger and in return he or she will react. Trying to make any movement will make the police to act aggressively or take physical action on you leading to a tense situation that threatens your safety. Police officers are trained to act faster to any movement shown by suspects; police will associate this with ill will even if you know in your mind that isnt your intention. One should remember that this person doesnt know you and they are looking for a reason to convict you so dont bait them with a mindless mistake.

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