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The Top Five Holiday-Inspired Movies to Help You Fight Writers Block

Talk to any freelancer or writer, and they will tell you a writers block is their worst nightmare. For one, you should know that writers block is a feeling that affects all writers regardless of their specialization in the industry. From professional bloggers to fiction writers, content creators and all else in between they are prone to having this feeling at some point in their career. Writers block should be treated with the seriousness and magnitude it deserves as the negative ramifications can be adverse in the long run. Wouldnt it be nice to know there are tried and tested measures to help you shake this annoying feeling off and get you back on track? Check out a list of the top five highly recommended holiday movies that are sure to inspire you to get back on track.

No list of holiday movies can ever be complete without the mention of the Friday After the Next movie sequel. Survival is tough for Craig and Day Day, and all they have to do is to keep ducking and dodging the bad guys. The Craig and Day Day characters are acted by Ice Cube and Mike Epps, and if you are a fan of the Friday Movies Trilogy, this is one you shouldnt want miss this reason.

Second on your must-watch list of holiday movies features Die Hard. Debate has been rife on whether or not this movie should pass as a holiday classic. If the newly released trailer is anything to go by, you have every reason to consider this movie. You can bet Bruce Willis who acts as John McClane will have you back on track within no time.

There is a very good reason why every movie review website has to mention the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie. Clark and his family will crack your ribs with all the drama that surrounds a dysfunctional family unit. At the very least, you will end up getting inspired to remain positive and focused regardless of how tough life can get.

You might also want to check out the Elf movie that has been acted by the highly talented Will Ferrell. The movie brings together innocent humor coupled with the Christmas spirit to have a wonderful creation that will make you value and cherish the holidays and the family unit in general. And last but not least we have the timeless Home Alone that you can watch over and over and still feel like the best family comedy ever in history. It is great motivation when you feel like everything is against you.

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